Security Concerns Plague Cosmodrome

Poor planning and lack of funding are the causes for a paucity of security at the Western Cosmodrome. So says Lampo Bianco, self styled security expert and co-founder of Team Vitesse. "There must be retinal scanners, finger or palm print readers, and/or a full body cavity search before accessing any Weapons Room". Local officials, stunned by LB's unannounced visit and this terse even withering criticism, could only mumble platitudes and grovel in the presence of Hat Model who came along for the inspection. LB continued, "what you want here is a good old fashioned Victorian style growlery. Someplace where the men can go to smoke cigars, drink beer and fix bikes. A man cave if you will."
h20, the highest ranking official at the Western Cosmodrome, immediately began the interview process for a larger dog. In conjunction with an increased animal security, 24 hour surveillance will be provided by Happy Lucky 88's state of the art equiment currently being tested by the Pope.

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