Racing Heated for Vitesse

Yesterday's training ride provided more carnage than the siege of Stalingrad. With a temperature hovering at 30 degrees and the dry mistral winds blowing the remaining moisture out of the riders, Lampo Bianco, K2nees and h20 suffered greatly. K2nees pleaded for a moratorium on attacks. Sadly no one was listening. On the first downhill sprint, h20 spotted K2 750 meters before turning on the jets and performing a heavy drop to take the first crucial downhill sprint points. h20 immediately paid for his glory as the road tilted upward at a 15% gradient. The pace picked up when a wolf-shitzu cross sprinted out of nowhere to nip at the tyres of the cyclists.
Lampo Bianco had spent the previous evening ensuring that his brother's stag went smoothly. This included close examination of special parts augmentation under the influence of liquid refreshment and guidance of Johan. With the wind at their backs, h20 provided the perfect leadout for LB who engaged in a low airburst and blew by the complacent and unsuspecting K2. Always up for a challenge, K2's subsequent recovery and infernal pedalling style left his team mates sucking locusts and wind on the next 10% hill.
It was soon obvious that LB's low airburst and alcoholic alchemy had taken its toll. He contented himself with watching wheels as he was pulled across the hot dry plains. Even the youthful legs of K2 suffered under the intense heat and unforgiving wind as he gathered all the King of the Mountain points.
Half hearted attacks lasting 6 or 8 pedal strokes were mounted by h20 whenever he caught up to the peloton. The power could not be sustained but h20's pride made him contest every chance to pad his insurmountable downhill sprint point lead.

The injury report reveals that K2 received a low flying locust strike to the groin area. LB's strange blood chemistry has no known precedence in medical science. h20 has yet to get his heart rate below 170 bpm. Johan would be proud.

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