My Asthma has Restorative Properties

News of Team Vitesse's training route has leaked to the population like the cloying miasma from the dump through which it passes. Mini pelotons comprising riders such as backpack guy on an old Gitane, a mom training for a triathlon on a tricked out LeMond with her obese son catching draft on his CCM MTB, and mountain bike touring guy picking bottles can be expected to share the road and the air.
The usual pungent odor is somehow charming and reassuring. A potpourri from a garbage truck parking lot, an animal feed plant next door to an abattoir mixed with a dash of oil refinery burn off is a curious wonder. Perhaps the sinuses can been scorched to the point where any smell is welcome. A feeling of general well being can be expected to descend on such a ride due in large part to warm weather, minimal wind, the ripe atmospheric conditions and plentiful insects for swallowing.
Please note that all miasmas and any resulting feeling of well being are licensed property of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory and can only be accessed by tapping out an infernal rhythm.

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