Peloton Jersey Insight

A highly sought after, but little known accolade of the peloton is the King of the Downhill Sprint jersey. This coveted sporting triumph has never been off the shoulders of h20 for as long as the jersey has been contested. Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory sponsors the distinctive plycra jersey made of a rayon/dacron/nylon/macrolon/duralon/come-a-lon/plycron mix. Just before dropping the hammer on one of his patented attacks at the start of a downhill section, h20 declares, "may you drown in a sea of effluent of my choosing." Everyone now accepts that once his big power plant begins to roar, there is no hope of catching the Hammer of Holland before the next uphill section.
Johan is quoted, "for some reason he defends the KODS jersey and its honour with pride and terminal velocity at every downhill opportunity."