Cockle Art now on display

The deadline for submissions for the ART Contest, sponsored by Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory, closed recently. The ART Contest parameters restricted the artists to an artful concept of cockles. The winning submission, pictured above, is called "The Burgeoning of Cocklization - pre and post testing". This incredibly evocative piece is the work of 88 year old amateur artist A. Krillick. Even though Ms. Krillick is not a competitive cyclist, her subtle, heart-felt grasp of cockles has the ability to squeeze and massage our emotions. Her perceptive acumen in capturing and clenching the essence of cockles in this conceptual tour-de-force commands our respect.

The winning artist receives the patented Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory "Most Abundance of Euphoric Youth Booth". The world famous portable hyperbaric chamber attaches to any bathtub to create the atmosphere necessary to recapture lost youth. Congratulations and many thanks to the other entrant.

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