SMEVEC Submariner Revelations!

A Team Vitesse colleague based in London, England reports that the new revolutionary cycling computer, the SMEVEC 88T, works underwater! Details are sketchy, however it is believed that team member "Night Train" rode off a pier near Dover and was able to calculate her speed of descent while plunging to the bottom of the North Sea. At the same time she managed to prove, to 2 decimal places, the standard atomic weight of molybdenum (95.94 g-mol).
Kudos to Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory for developing such a versatile product and to Night Train for her dedication to science under adverse conditions.

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Anonymous said...

If the SMEVEC 88T is as good as it sounds the entire racing world would be using it as part of their off season training strategy. How many teams have actually signed on to SMEVEC to date, and how do you expect SMEVEC to actually affect the outcome of 2009's time trials?