Singular Signings Slake Search for Success

Team Vitesse is proud to announce the signing of two former stars of the peleton. Pierre Portez-la-Bouteille and Dirk Draagfles will support the stars in the Team Vitesse pantheon at the Smoky Lake training centre. Both riders have impressive palmares including two top 159 finishes in the 2008 Tour de Napa Valley. In addition to the obvious advantage their names imply, they are committed to random out-of-competition cockle testing and the team sponsor, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory. Portez-la Bouteille exclaimed, "I am happy to put my cockles in the hands of professionals". "The super absorbent rain cape will be very useful in Holland!" quipped Draagfles.
You can imagine the excitement and optimisim these riders bring to a team wishing to whet its whistle with wins.

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