h2o Suffers Mechanical

Yesterday's 300 kilometer training ride proved quite eventful for h2o. During a particularly daring maneuver, h2o's front derailleur went pear shaped both literally and figuratively. h2o was drafting behind an 18 wheeler transport uphill on an overpass trying to beat the traffic light. During high load Heavy Drop cycle stresses, the front derailleur did not respond to his request. He ended up sprinting for glory in a 36/11 configuration which can safely be called the Lame Drop. Upon reflection, h2o has made the suggestion that PE5GW follow these epic training rides in a support vehicle and be able to provide either a replacement bike OR mechanical support while moving. It is obvious that the driver of the support car should be able to drive the car and lean out of the window to adjust or even replace a front derailleur. This is exactly What Johan Would Do if he wasn't tied up babysitting the Schleck sisters.

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