Ask the Pros - a new Feature

A new irregular feature is hereby launched on the cycling cosmonaut blog. Entitled "Ask the Pros", frequently asked questions will be fielded by Team Vitesse professionals. Today's "Ask the Pros" is the simmering issue: HOW DOES THE PRO PELETON DEAL WITH NASAL EXPECTORATION?. We went to Lampo Bianco for his groggy response, "What is nasal expectoration?" Nasal Expectoration is known indelicately among certain members of the cylcing community as the launch of SNOT ROCKETS. Lampo is of at least 2 minds on snot rockets during racing. No one can deny the powerful tactical advantage a rider has being a prodigious snot rocket launcher. Johan is an advocate of a combination of Heavy Drop and nasal expectoration in any sprint finish. Those behind the expectorator must maneuver through a virtual mine field of compromised road surfaces. Advantage - Expectorator. Lampo has also been the recipient of direct hits to the ankle from errant snot rockets. He confessed that these horrors are the main reason he shaves his legs. Courtesy dictates that a rider pull out of the peleton or drop off the back to clear his passages. However, in the rarefied tactical positioning of the professional peleton, this nasal weapon cannot be ignored or underestimated. Barry Hamlin put it best stating, "When you ride with or against Team Vitesse, you must be prepared for everything!"

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