Vitesse Reaction to "el Pistolero" Ban

News of Alberto's possible 1 year ban from professional cycling hit Johan and Team Vitesse like a side of warm beef in an unrefrigerated meat locker. Johan was first to react musing "how can a rider complete a grand tour as a vegetarian? To be a man one must eat animal flesh. This was obvious even caveman cyclists such as Mario Cippolini".
Dr. K2 has begun working with scientists at Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory to study how wild ungulates, who eat only plant life, manage to run long distances seemingly at will. "There must be something in our verdant terrestrial covering that can be harnessed for cycling!", enthused Vitesse's climbing talent. Between spoonfuls, Lampo Bianco managed to blub, "mashed peas taste yummy with little or no aftertaste." h2o was more strident in his view of developments bellowing, "I will eat no more liver than I currently consume no matter what Johan says." As always the last word goes to Johan who proclaimed "Team Vitesse will continue to influence the outcome of UCI blood tests by whatever means possible. Of course El Pistolero is welcome to pay me to ride on Team Vitesse."

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Was the typo intentional?

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