Mollie Moonbeam Passes

It is with great sadness that the cycling world mourns one of its inspirational canines. Mollie Moonbeam, faithful friend and 4 legged companion of Pointy Elbow 5 Grinder Wife for 14.5 years, left her duties as one of Team Vitesse's mascots yesterday after a short illness.

Mollie Moonbeam was a Shetlands sheep dog. Her strong herding instincts were always on display whenever the routine afternoon walk was imminent. Mollie's demeanor was one befitting a Princess. Never a fan of baths or combing, Mollie would invariably prance for all to behold after any grooming by her human.
She held the post as Queen of the local chapter of the DWDC "Dogs Who Detest Cats" for a number of years, an honour bestowed on canines who display excessive vigour in feline chases. Mollie kept an invading cat in a tree for 2 days just to prove a point. Her speed and agility was legendary. She was an excellent traveller, never complaining on road trips. Considering herself royalty, Mollie was particularly insistent that protocol and routine be followed whether it was for dinner, treats or eye drops followed by treats. She braved any weather and would quietly suffer the indignity of booties her human thought she needed in cold weather. After retiring from public office, Mollie passed enjoyable days sleeping in soft sunshine on the grounds of the cosmodrome. Thank you Mollie for your calm and loyal presence.

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Condolences from all the members of Team Vitesse