Bag Man Rideth

This morning the thermostat read minus 26 C. I was elated because I knew that this was an excellent temperature for the third round of plastic bag comparisons. Featured today, the battle of the drugstores -- Rexall and London Drugs (LD).
Similar in weight, the Rexall is spun from a more brittle plastic. LD's representative has a more plastic bag feel. After suiting up for battle against the elements with Rexall on the left and LD on the right, I stepped into the exterior and into the teeth of one stiff breeze. The air movement reportedly made the temperature feel like minus 37. I was comforted and warmed by my plastic preparation.
Bicycles and their movement don't enjoy the challenges of frozen grease so progress was slow and methodical. I am pleased to say that I arrived at HL88 HQ with all bits intact on both bike and person.
The results of the bag test are thus. Rexall has lived up to the reputation of its sister company, the Oilers, losing miserably. LD triumphs, keeping my right foot at the toasty setting. LD now moves on to the round of Sweet Sixteen. The draw will be posted soon.

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Anonymous said...

Bag Dude, the grease flows freely in JA, & the Coconut oil...R&H