News of WORC

The following press release from Lampo Bianco has been edited. It has been formatted to fit your screen.

Western Oceanic Research Cosmodrome (WORC) is lurching into productivity. The intertube and telephonic systems are finally on-line after Doukhobors were paid in ugly fabric to dig new under-ocean channels to install the wires. Johan will hopefully be pleased for once. Endless lists of to-do's initially gave Lampo mental scabies and crotch rot, but he has learned to relax, take each moment as it comes, enjoy the process, prioritize and forget the insignificant items; basically to give up. The house is sound, the vibe is great, the support superb, the deck a dream, the environ breathtaking. Tomorrow workers arrive early to install 200 AMPS OF RAW RIPPING POWER to generate enough energy to run the various Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory machinery. The bikes are dormant but Johan has given me a reprieve during the installation of the HL88 facility. Lampo Bambino is well and looking forward to catching some rays on the deck.

Night Train, pivotal member of Team Vitesse on the European beachhead, has returned to the bike after that unfortunate scuffle with some Canada Geese. It took 2 months to remove the feathers from the spokes but the time has come to work off all those endless Peking Goose dinners.

Dr. K2 has gone undercover working for a reputable red bike shop. His assistance in searching out new bike bling has been instrumental in the increase in h2o's account at said store. He has begun training for the cyclo-cross season by riding 15 minutes to work and dismounting at traffic lights to run across the intersection.

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