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As if proof were required to affirm the power of this blog, it has been reported that manager Pino of the Xacobeo-Galicia pro team, has taken a strip off one of his riders in the manner of Team Vitesse's illustrious manager, Johan.

“I want Ezequiel to be calling me an asshole, because you have to provoke him,” Pino told a Spanish newspaper. “If you provoke in private, he doesn’t react, which is why I did it in public. I want him to be telling me: ‘There’s no director who is more of an asshole than you are!’ That’s what I’m looking for. I’m doing it for his own and the team’s good.” This is a direct threat to Team Vitesse's asshole manager Johan has held the title of biggest asshole for some long time.

Although Johan denies it (or doesn't remember), his brief stint on the motivational speaking circuit must have made quite an impression on Pino. "If any rider ever calls me an asshole I will relegate them to BMX racing for the rest of their lives" drooled Johan.

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