Training Camp Judged a Success

Johan has declared the 2009 edition of the Smoky Lake training camp to be an overwhelming success. "Not only was the temperature less than minus 35 C, the wind chill made the temperature minus 50!" he said with relish from his Lake Como hot tub. One of the most popular team building exercises included the entire cycle of wool production from sheep shearing to spinning to actual scarf knitting. Team Vitesse members were also kept busy hauling water from a nearby lake in zip lock bags. Reaction to the camp was mixed. Lampo enjoyed gathering dried frozen dung for the evening's cooking fire. K2nees showed alacrity with shears but never mastered the knack with knitting needles. h20, who had bad sensations, was forced to keep his feet in his armpits for warmth. This position precluded any other activity.
Group rides began and finished in the dark due to the 6.5 hours of sunlight at this time of the year. Riders were once again thankful for the Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking which provided partial relief from the icy cold wind.
Reached by telephone in his luxurious villa, Johan had nothing but praise for his team. "Smoky Lake is a place of dreams. The team defrayed some of my overhead with their knit wear production. Frozen extremities are a small price to pay for this special experience."
Alberto can only look on in envy from the Astana training camp in Spain.

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