A Tale of 2 Scarves

Have you ever wondered what riders like h20 do when they are not on a bike or tending their saddle sores? Today cycling cosmonaut is proud to publish a scientific survey by author Hammer of Holland (h20).

You might be wondering which scarf I chose to wear today. Since the morning low is a mere minus 15, I chose a multicoloured scarf from Florence, expecting that its thinner nature would be suitable for the moderated temperature. I have some interesting observations that I would like to share with you.
The scarves in this analysis will be called Sisley (long navy blue cotton/wool mix, purchased in Florence, Italy) and Ermini (striped delicately coloured wool, also purchased in Florence, Italy).
The scarves were tested for the following characteristics: Neck warmth, facial coverage and overall look.


Neck warmth – okay to good
Face coverage – moderately excellent to excellent. The stretchiness of the weave would make full facial coverage at lower temperatures impossible.
Overall look – utilitarian excellence (not to be confused with Unitarian excellence)


Neck warmth – excellent to extremely excellent. almost too excellent
Face coverage – probably poor to moderate due to its narrower nature.
Overall look – elegant excellence with aspirations of operatic attendance.

Conclusion: depending on where I am going and who I might meet on the way, the wind conditions and a variety of factors too numerous to mention, both scarves have a purpose and are welcome additions to the scarf stable.

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LB said...

Clever, poignant, instructive.....I wonder what I have done to deserve this private discourse when it could significantly benefit a wider scarfonomically confused populace.

I also wonder about meaning: a brilliant dissertation that only seems slightly eccentric because it is ahead of it's time; a literary metaphoric mystery the depths of which I cannot yet see; a simple and effective how-to; or a lightly disguised Christmas gift suggestion. I just don't know.

I have not been wearing my scarves this season so I can't compare my experiences, but when re-contextualized as mitten, shoe, or coat comparisons, my mind is suddenly opened. Unfortunately it is too late, the need has been fulfilled by the scarfo art piece. Any similar presentation by me would be trite...weak, to say it nicely.

A raised cup of warm tea to the scarves, much ignored soldiers of function and fashion no more.