K2nees demands more ballsiness

We have forgotten the wisdom of Johan and WWJD (What Would Johan Do?). I for one am advocating a return to the cruel harsh reality of winter training. Cast of your designer scarves and let them blow in the wind for Johan demands that we toughen up. We require no stinking Danish bank boot camp. We have all the elements at our disposal. How will we ever arrive at a place of good sensations if we can't pack our pain away in a suitcase of courage and hide it in the pain cave?
I for one am training this winter season sans scarf and shirt. I am attempting to recreate the robotic discipline shown late great (dead and frozen) Russian riders who felt grateful for their paltry morning gruel and anything resembling clothing. By hardening my body to the elements I shall gain a level of mental fortitude only displayed by Johan the Souse at the Blackjack table.
My wish this festive season is for one and all to change their bourgeois ways and find out what WWJD really means on a personal level. As for me I am wishing speedy, efficient amputations and an early spring.
Kindest regards, K2nees

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