Athlete's Fuel

As a high performance athlete, I am faced with many challenges and choices to feed the powerful engine within. Allergies only compound the problem. I am currently on the Team Vitesse injury reserve list and am a doubtful starter for the TdF. During this enforced spare time, I oversee the finances of Team Vitesse. Today I would like to address the problem of when to consume one's lunch by posing some rhetorical questions. What is the appropriate time (lately it has been 1000 hours)? How does one eat only part of one's lunch, saving a portion for later in the day? It is my experience that mid morning meetings with team officials are the only way to delay stuffing my cake hole with rice based products.


Anonymous said...


What a timely article. Just yesterday I was be bemoaning the fact that I had eaten my entire lunch by 11 and was hungry again at 1130. I think I may be less of a powerful engine and more of a lawn mower gone bad. I'd appreciate any advice pertaining to the delayment of sustenance until the appointed hour. If I am to stay trim for the TdF I'm going to have to cut back on 1sies and second lunch.

yours in epicurean struggles


Anonymous said...

The solution is in creating simple literalized methods of encouraging boundaries. For example, after assembling your lunchy choices in the morning split the consumables into two lunch bags...one for 10:00 am and one for later. Then you can relax your worries that you will not have tasty treats at the publically determined cake hole event that is enforced at noon. Consider this, it is recommended by nutritionists for everyone, and especially elite atheletes, that the body will perform better throughout the day if it has consistant fuel reserves. This results in improved metabolism and avoids bodily attempts to retain bulk for potential draught times (ie. enforced 3 squares). In fact, eating more often can assist the task of attaining your race weight. Therefore, many small meals instead of three big ones is optimal. The end result...listen to your body. It knows what it needs and when. Just pack more food and split it into mutliple feedings.