Knee mobility

An epic training ride yesterday proved to be the cure for h20's knee problems - at least temporarily. Johan recommended a long ride into the wind on a stretch of holy pavement to alleviate the nagging knee annoyances endured by the biggest engine on Team Vitesse. The 8 hour ride, complete with a headwind in both directions, was shared by teammates K2nees and LB. The team mechanics set the riders' brakes against their rims so that extra effort would be expended.
Back at the cosmodrome, h20 carefully extracted the saddle from his butt and headed straight for the arnica dip and ice bag treatment. Some difficulty was encountered in ascending the stairs to the cosmodrome hyperbaric chamber. He reports this morning that there is 68.88% mobility in the limb versus the median mobility of 52.37%. Johan can be credited for this turnaround in knee health.

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