H20 breathes cycling

H20, a founding member of the Edmonton chapter of Team Vitesse, has begun training in earnest for the spring classic races in Europe. By the time he reaches racing weight and fitness it will be just in time for the 2012 spring season. This does not deter him however. He is making an effort to "go green" and rely less on vehicular support to take team members out of the hurly-burly of traffic. The plan involves sussing out a route from east Edmo to the rich paved range roads north of evil highway 16.

This past weekend has yielded success in forging a safer path out of town. By travelling north on Fortune Street (17th) one can cut through the heart of black gold refinery row. Head east on Enchantment Avenue (Petroleum Way) one can drink deep of the benign petrochemical airborne effluent which pervades the atmosphere. As one travels through this wondrous world of hydorcarbon refining, treat yourself to huge lungfuls of the byproducts that provide riches for Alberta. This section of the ride is far more safe than riding on the verges of the highways. Their shoulders replete with sand, aluminum cans, pebbles, tie-downs, dead gloves and discarded rolled-up-rim coffee cups.

A resourceful rider can easily negotiate an extremely busy overpass interchange while jostling with 18 wheelers to head north into a strange landscape left dictated by the culmination of the city's landfill. Here water foul live amidst floating paint cans on ponds left by spring melt waters. Take deep inhalations of the off gassing from years of refuse returning to the earth.

These invigorating olfactory assaults motivate riders to sprint out of the clouds of uncertainty and provide the opportunity to open the mind and lungs for the greater good of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory. In fact they have begun working on portable oxygen support systems under the working title "Wondrous Odor Elimination" or WOE.

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