EPO - the last word in Performance

Once again, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory in conjunction with Team Vitesse, is pleased to announce a performance boost for cyclists at all levels. The next generation of performance supplements, EXHALTED PERFORMANCE OUTPUT, also known by its acronym EPO, is set to revolutionize your energy and power productivity. Comprising 14 active ingredients including dengue berries and synthetic rhinoceros horn, the power to mass ratio equivalency is guaranteed to improve any cyclist's performance. The new tricubic downsampling process exclusive to Happy Lucky 88 means that plywood's life-giving essence is inherent in EVERY bottle.

The management of Happy Lucky 88 believes strongly in this product and has developed monikers for these miraculous flavoured energy liquids. Red EPO is available under the brand name, Fuentes Fizz. It targets riders who desire a sustained performance window. Cyclists looking for immediate results on mountain stages will find yellow EPO or Pee-Poli very satisfactory.

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