Teammate's Log - Day 52

I finally caught a pigeon and attached this message before it ended up in the soup pot. It has been some days since my last communication. I have now learned enough Hindi based Norwegian to understand that the Team Vitesse members on board the SS Hopetohellwemakeit are stowaways. I am assuming that this development is another team building exercise devised by Johan to prepare us for the Tour. Our stowaway status goes a long way to explaining the "attitude" we are receiving from the shipmates. At first we were locked down in Happy Lucky 88 container, squeezed in with the excellent plywood products. Now we are encouraged to ride our bicycles around the deck of the ship while drunken seamen shoot off their pistols at us. I have to believe that this fear inducing exercise is part of the Johan's grand scheme. Soon we will be in waters off Somalia. I hope that the crew saves some ammo...I must go now, it is my turn for a high speed turn around the deck.

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