Teammate's Log - Day 38

Diary entry from the HMS Please-stay-afloat as send via carrier pigeon to Team Vitesse headquarters.....
Day 38 at sea....
Dear Diary,The voyage has been going well, while some of my Team Vitesse cabin (container)-mates have expressed some concern over the potential for an imminent pirate attack I remain calm despite the great value of the Happy Lucky 88 plywood merchandise on board. Truth be told i am more concerned with the personal hygiene of my team mates. This is despite the occasional drenching in sea water sprayed our way by fire hose wielding sailors doing their weekly pirate evasion drill. As for the food, we have being maintaining an adequate diet for any professional training athlete, however, fishing over the edge of the ship takes up quite a bit of my time and eats into my training time. The scraps thrown at us by passing sailors is much appreciated despite their taunts and rude gestures. As for training....today i completed 324 revolutions of the ship on my bike. Half way i switch from clockwise to counter-clockwise to reduce the feeling of nausea and motion sickness. Determining the correct training volume and intensity is difficult with limited access to a coach. Johan has flown ahead of us and is waiting in a 4 star hotel for our arrival. Once every two weeks we get pigeon mail from him with welcome words of encouragement, "at least you weight is down", "you are saving team vitesse at least a 100 dollars by going by boat", "i wish i was at the beach like you instead of being massaged by the pool". It's the little things that make him such a great coach. Between messages and when i have to go out and train i always ask myself "WWJD"? What Would Johan Do? I am sure my actions are in his best interests, that of Team Vitesse and our sponsors.
Well diary, i am feeling light-headed. I am not sure if it is the fumes from the candle in this container or the fact that I have not caught a fish in a number of days and am hungry, but either way I think I shall curl up in my plywood comforter and sleep..... I know that's what Johan would do!

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