"B" Sample Proves Positive

As expected the "B" sample taken in the Cockle test has returned a positive result. Only the rider's initials, LB, can be released at this point in time. The shocked Team Vitesse members who huddled in tents at their training camp had no comment. UCI officials said "Positive A and B samples are always a cause for concern."
Happy Lucky 88 Cockle test analysis experts attempted to assure a clamourous press. "Cockle testing is more of an art than a science. Positive test results means that this athlete has cockles. This is a good thing." Johan was more philosophical musing, "Obviously we support our team mate. I would love to have a couple of cockles. Perhaps they are what are missing from my life."
We will monitor the situation to see if this positive test and the resulting notoriety affect LB's performance in the spring classics.

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