Whoa R Bikes

It was with great sadness that I witnessed so many bicycles left to deal with the elements strapped to the backs or on top of vehicles in the rainstorm on Highway 1. Thanks to the sacrifice in comfort made by PE5GW and wiener dog George, Mr. Colnago got to ride inside the vehicle. Mr. C was most appreciative and Johan is considering a medal of commendation for PE5GW. 
After debarking the ferry, a quick inspection of the WORC was performed. Someone must have tipped off the staff at WORC because a newly painted sign hung over the entry to the palatial premises. Hat Model, mini LB and Lampo Bianco himself were among the dignitaries welcoming the delegation from the other cosmodrome. Gluten free snacks were consumed in celebration. "Very impressive" and "Holy Doodle" were just some of the exclamations uttered. 
h2o and PE5GW repaired to their executive yurt for the evening to enjoy goat milk slurpees.  


Anonymous said...

WORC facilities were most impressive. Strategies for view blocking green growth removal are being considered. Stealth will be a required factor.
Youngest cosmodrome dignitary stole hearts with infectious laugh and deep dimples.

Anonymous said...

A collective - WHEW! I hope Mr.C is enjoying the new wheel selection!!!