the Manufactory -- origins

Many readers often wonder where the venerable industrial and cultural giant, HL88 Manufactory, originated. While most of the facts remained sealed for security reasons, HL88 publicists have released a rare glimpse into the 1961 mobile hyperbaric chamber project. Conventional wisdom of the day dictated that athletes live in these suits for 31 days prior to any strenuous activity.  This increased their bariatric interface threshold levels. HL88 scientists have since proven that maximum interface thresholds can be achieved after 60 days of continuous use. Go figure. 


Tunnel of Terror Trauma Terminated

Local cyclists celebrate the destruction of the Tunnel of Terror along Petroleum Way.  The dark oversized culvert was filled with pools of stagnant water, the home of dengue fever. The many unseen potholes and gaping fissures were all capable of bending rims. Those who entered feared the acid splash from the fetid stench of the unknowable.  Entering the Tunnel of Terror always began with a quick prayer that no on-coming oil hauling 18 wheeler would be met before a bone shaking exit could be effected. The Tunnel of Terror was an unsatisfying warm-up for the "the most frightening 90 seconds of cycling" when the peleton mixed with a multitude of 18 wheelers to cross Highway 16.
Foto proof that giant snippers can slice the galvanized culvert material like scissors cutting a thin cellulose product. 
Travel is discouraged in this area for the next 18 months while a suitable replacement structure is located and installed. 
 In the meantime enjoy your ride.


Artisinal Vegan Paleolithic bread

heavy on the artisinal
Fresh baked monthly


Oct 18 Road Ride

Superb weather & sensational sensations 


Stunting in DC

Ballsy riding down the steps of the Capital building in Washington DC - 1895  
Even though there is no plywood involved,  HL88 Manufactory approves


Dachshund eye view

Q:  How will the wolf survive? 
A:  By showing some intensity and giving 110%. 


Domo Arigato Day

Canadian Domo Arigato Day is upon us.  Let us give thanks for our families, our friends and our bicycles (not necessarily in that order).


The Wait is OVER

There was a time to ride and so the choice was gravel (which turned out to be hard packed including some loose stones) and some paved sections.  WARNING: this clip contains three minutes and thirty four seconds of herky jerky footage and could cause retinal detachment in some viewers.


And Gravel was Ground

Aboard the Moots PsychloX grinding about 20 kms of gravel west of the Cosmodrome. The bike seems sluggish on the pavement but when it tastes gravel it comes alive. This makes sense. The geometry is longer with a lower BB. Slap on some 32mm Conti slicks and paved performance is going to suffer. The steed is comfortable in the loose rock and soaks up the washboard admirably. Makes me wanna rip up some more gravel real soon. 


Raking light

Just another day drawing with light.