Announcing an actual WEBSITE

Abandoning all pretences of anonymity, Cycling Cosmonaut is proud to announce the opening of a WEBSITE of photographic work by Bob van Schaik, owner/operator of the Westmount Cosmodrome.


HL 88's Revolutionary Plywoodium Moto Helmet

HL88 Manufactory now offers a moto helmet made of PLYWOODIUM, the 88th element on the periodic table.  Known for its radioactive qualities, PLYWOODIUM resembles paper in its raw form. The special molding process means long wavy thick strands of PLYWOODIUM are pressed and shaped in proprietorial methods to the shape of your personal head (PHHT or Personal Head Helmet Technology).

The great innovation in using PLYWOODIUM for helmet manufacturing is its inherent radioactivity.  Up to now, radioactive substances were thought to have adverse health consequences for all life forms.  HL88 engineers have long argued against this theory and to show how safe PLYWOODIUM is, the new moto helmet comes with a 100% radioactive guarantee.

If you are still apprehensive, HL88 is offering a revolutionary face shield with each moto helmet.  The face shield will block extraneous radiation from entering your face hole while maintaining the healthy radiation inside your helmet. The "WIN WIN" face shield comes free with each moto helmet ordered while quantities last. 


Personal Drone Flight

You can do this.  Simply contact HL88 Manufactory for details.  Send a modest sum and receive personalized instructions to turn yourself into a drone.  

Act now to avoid disappointment.


The Newbrook Observatory

Replica of Sputnik 1 was the first satellite put up into space on October 7, 1957. Launched from the Baikinur COSMODROME, it was in orbit for 3 weeks.  It was a 23 inch diameter polished sphere.

from Wikipedia:
The Newbrook Observatory (a designated historic building) was built in Newbrook, Alberta, Canada by the Stellar Physics Division of the Dominion Observatory and operated as a space observatory from 1952 until 1957 [1] The observatory was equipped with a Super-Schmidt Meteor Camera, one of only six built by the Perkin-Elmer Company used to observe meteors. One of the observatory resident scientists, Art Griffen, was the first in North America to photograph the Sputnik 1 satellite (less than a week after its launch).

Tripod mount

House & outbuilding