Wind me up

Strange to imagine a time when kids wanted to play with a wind up photographer.  Perhaps this is how Robert Mapplethorpe got his inspiration and start. 


Don't feed the Wildlife

This raven hasn't eaten for 60 years. 


HL88 Wisdom

HL88 Manufactory suggests that the synchronized multiple interfacing which is humanized tasking in it purest essence, should be inevitable. By dimensioning the glide path we can language the digital trunk.  The way the math lines up we need to conversation the singularities and action the avoidance of a drag.
HL88 will exit doors not aligned with brand Plywoodium to enhance assortments through dedicated annualized exit doors. This is the bespoke way. 


Salutations for HL88

Does anyone see the subliminal 88 in this homage to Rolleiflex? 


Prairie Oyster

An oyster ready for shucking on the prairies.


HL88 Business News

HL88 Manufactory is constantly striving for excellence.  This past year was no different.  HL88 began to derisk the process by cleaning up normalizations with its motivated buy side.  The inorganic growth was governed by  push / pull and was situation specific.  Oh and HL88 has a new electronic dataroom!

A feckless HL88 staff member using the electronic dataroom. 


Winter in NYC

The Flatiron building in December 1916


Say Hello

Say hello to my little friend, the FAT Train.  Ride them FAT bikes. 


the Manufactory -- origins

Many readers often wonder where the venerable industrial and cultural giant, HL88 Manufactory, originated. While most of the facts remained sealed for security reasons, HL88 publicists have released a rare glimpse into the 1961 mobile hyperbaric chamber project. Conventional wisdom of the day dictated that athletes live in these suits for 31 days prior to any strenuous activity.  This increased their bariatric interface threshold levels. HL88 scientists have since proven that maximum interface thresholds can be achieved after 60 days of continuous use. Go figure.