Toy car in toy car

Roads like these

A section of road only a cyclist could love in Chickapoo country.  


Wing suits welcome

Use caution though

Prime Number Footing

Happy to report that 43, a prime number, exists in the nature. 

Oldman border lands

The Blood Reserve is in the other side of the river. 

Vital Matchng

It is important to match the electrical tape to the stem cap and hubs when one forgets the Garmin holder thingy. 


Positive reinforcement

praying team car can find me. 


Training begins

Johan uses this to motivate the climbing repeats. 


Downward facing shot

Caught during brief natural break on today's metric century. 


Torn Beauty - a metaphor for cycling

The detritus art of  removed posters is an eerie reminder of the shredded peleton after a HEAVY DROP.