Steel versus Titanium

A selection of bridge girders ready for installation. After bending due to unforeseen mystery stresses, the girders were removed and straightened in a giant vise. 


Bike dyke

Bike path along the sea on the shoulder of a dyke along the Ooster Schelde.


Earnest Training Begins

With the start of the Giro d'Italia just 10 days away, the team members at the Cosmodrome are practicing their Heavy Drops and re-entry techniques with the assistance of the Space Patrol and its patented Rocket Launch Platform (RLP).  HL88 Engineers have decided that the most efficient preparation for the extreme cycling G-forces caused by acceleration and deceleration can be recreated using this technically advanced device.


Race Radio

Walter Teague 1936 radio design for Sparton Corp.  Wood, glass & metal.  


Lion's Gate to Gravel Pit

Impressive Italianate entrance on the ride today. 



HL88 FACTOID:  These stage 6 bananas are giving off minute amounts of radiation as they rot into banana bread.