Lampo Gets Serious

With only 7 days remaining until the Ride to Conquer Cold Arm, Lampo Bianco has begun his training in earnest. Shown here posing for paparazzi with his initial choice of training bike, Lampo may look buff but claims "My six pack does not represent much base training - something I plan to address this week."
Indeed that six pack does not imply buns of steel, something vitally important on the 300 kilometer Ride to Conquer Cold Arm. That is the reason why Lampo has chosen this chopper as his go to machine. Note the sprung saddle, ready to translate bumps into feather softness. The ape hangers allow full ventilation in and out of the pits.

"I strive to maintain high koolness factor at all times" growled LB continuing, "Koolness should never be confused with Cold Arm. They are mutually exclusive forms of coolness."
Johan was extremely impressed with the chopper cycle howling with incredulity, "Why don't we use those at the Tour?"

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