Check your Baggage

Today's baggage check or "BOFFOC" was cancelled due to the warming trend that is eking its way across the plains. You will agree that at minus 21 without the benefit of windchill, bag testing is a puerile pursuit.
Whenever the climatic conditions cooperate you can look forward to the following match ups:

Please click on the image for a marginally enlarged view of the Final Four in BOFFOCdom. Wagering on the Final Four is now available. Contact Johan the Omniscient for odds and sods.


Anonymous said...

Having once lived in Mundare, directly across the street from the Mundare Sausage facility, I can vouch for the quality of the aroma of the area. This has nothing to do with the bags.

Anonymous said...

I have a question:

Why was the hit counter reset? Was it related to the change in writing perspective? Sleepless nights have been applied to this question.