Chakra Watch in Effect

Local cosmodrome officials have issued a rare Chakra Watch. The watch, not to be confused with a warning, means that the likelihood of personal chakras being negatively affected by wind is high. A Chakra Warning means that the likelihood is extreme. Measures to mitigate the upset chakra threat include ear muffs, a hat, staying indoors, staying in bed and the like. Although the ambient temperature is moderate, the isobars are close enough to generate significant air movement. This air movement, also called wind, has the potential to blow in one ear and out the other.
Some fools insist that an upset chakra is worse than Cold Arm. Cold Arm experts are unified in refuting this ridiculous claim and point to endless Cold Arm studies as proof that Cold Arm is a constant nefarious threat to humankind. Chakra upset means you should just cover your ears. No contest.

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Anonymous said...

I think I froze a part of my Chakra this morning heading south...