The 9 "P"s of Cold Arm

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory's Cold Arm Foundation continues its educational initiative with the introduction of the nine "P"s of Cold Arm. Deemed an issue of high concern, management has broken down Cold Arm into 9 domain environments based on experiential experiences.
  1. Persecution: Cold Arm crosses all ethnic, gender and class boundaries with its relentless attacks.
  2. Prediction: one must always assess each situation for the eventuality of Cold Arm.
  3. Probability: Cold Arm never sleeps nor does it ever rest.
  4. Provocation: Cold Arm seeks to undermine one's very comfort in one's chosen environment.
  5. Preparedness: one can never be too prepared for the onslaught of Cold Arm. Always have anti Cold Arm precautions on hand.
  6. Prevention: Think ahead before Cold Arm gains the upper hand, forearm and arm.
  7. Purposefulness: conducting oneself according to the Cold Arm capability framework will give one's existence purpose and meaning.
  8. Perseverance: one must be vigilant against the evils of Cold Arm.
  9. Perpetuity: Cold Arm does not end simply because one has obeyed numbers 1 through 8. It can attack anywhere (see #4), anytime (see #3), anyone (see #1).
  10. Puerility: Rest assured - there is nothing puerile about Cold Arm.
Commensurate functional activity must be coordinated. Watch for updates about the 23 "F"s of Stretch Goals by Johan.

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