Cosmodrome Annex Opens

The official opening of the Other Cosmodrome Annex took place over the weekend. No HL88 dignitaries physically attended but were virtually present through the magic of modern telecommunications. The annex can hold up to 8,000 board feet of plywood, a boast that will soon be confirmed by the Chinese Cruncher. "Security of plywood is my paramount concern. In fact I could care less about it" mumbled Johan during a particularly bad night at the casino.
With security in mind, HL88's contracted designer, PE5GW (soon to be PE6GW), added modesty panels to the structure. "The modesty panels allow light to enter but never leave, much like a black hole only in an off white", chirped the team ornithologist.
This handsome structure is ready to accept shipments of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory's indispensable raw material.

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Anonymous said...

Nice....Team Vitesse is now positioned to curate eggs from its urban chicken flock harboured in the beautiful coop....wait we have to store plywood!!??!! My fowl plans are foiled again.....