Johan Speechless at Vuelta Snub

The long awaited announcement of teams invited to the Vuelta came and went -- without the inclusion of Team Vitesse. Johan immediately flew into a rage, damaging his vocal cords in the process. He remains speechless but managed to scribble a few notes on a casino napkin. "The Vuelta organizers have ensured they will never be invited to any Team Vitesse functions" the barely legible scrawl said. This is surely a devastating hardship what with Team barbeques, bingos and jumble sales all in the planning stages this season.
Team Update:
It appears that Lampo Bianco has sustained hurt feelings at not being included in the Dodecahedron Ply-nology treatments. Johan is currently testing the ply-nology on himself to ensure that it will provide actual positive results to already healthy cycling specimens. Johan has found renewed success at the black jack tables thanks to the Dodecahedron. Lampo, designated team leader, is champing at the bit to begin his treatments in advance of the Tour. "My state of relaxed fitness will peak for the Pyrenees with that 12 sided technology" cooed Lampo.
Night Train is planning a training run through the rain, wind and fog of the Orkney Islands in advance of the Tour. The idea is to become inured to the elements, enjoy some bronze age ruins and not get lost in the process.
Meanwhile, Le Triple continues to show promise actually riding on the European continent in actual races. Johan cannot believe the level of commitment shown by LT. "I love this guy... which one is he? Did we sign him?".

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