Accidents Plague Team Vitesse

In an unfathomable turn of events, Dr. K2 has suffered unknown internal injuries at the hands of a thoughtless motorist. It seems that the good doctor was travelling along a busy street when the perpetrator (here after known as the perp) opened her car door. K2 was able to move his body out of the way of the door but his brake lever and actual brake struck the offensive object. He somersaulted over his handlebars. Being a dedicated company man through and through he continued on his way to the Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory retail outlet.
Dr. K2 moaned, "This is worse than being beaten by Johan. I need to draw on my WITHIN POWER for a speedy recovery".
h2o was sympathetic as he continues his slow progress back from oblivion, "The doctor needs to follow Johan's strict recovery guidelines. He must ride longer and harder to recover more quickly."

The future of Team Vitesse in the Tour de France now rests on the shoulders of Lampo Bianco. He is the only remaining uninjured rider on the team. This is due exclusively to the fact that he does no training whatsoever, preferring to arrive "fresh" on July 3 at the start line in Rotterdam.

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