Introducing the ANKCAFIB

Seizing on unusually massive inventory levels of the CAFIB (Cold Arm Foundation Bracelet), Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has confirmed its thrust to increase its market presence in bicycle accessories. HL88 is proud to introduce the CAFIB for your ankle.
Similar to the original CAFIB, the AnkCAFIB possesses aerodynamic qualities heretofore unknown to the professional peleton. A unique combination of a patented gravel repulsion system and gravity power utilization system, the AnkCAFIB is a Happy Lucky 88 product that no cyclist worthy of the name will want to be without. Who among us has not found small pieces of gravel in our shoes after a long ride. Those minuscule annoyances are easily repelled by the AnkCAFIB.
More importantly, the AnkCAFIB uses the power of gravity to increase downward pedal force. As your piston-like legs churn, this device adds momentum and increases cadencity and cycling propensity. Stylish when coupled with the original CAFIB or as a stand alone accessory, the AnkCAFIB has been extensively field tested by Team Vitesse.
Lampo's encouraging remarks summarize the positive tone of all team members, "I love the look, feel and power I get from this piece of 3/4 inch plywood on my leg. The gravel repulsion is just a bonus. Finally gravity is working for me!"

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Anonymous said...

I will be placing my order, still waiting for my CAFIB, perhaps my cheque has been lost by the @#$%^ postal service! Count on HL88 to design multiple functionality into a premier plywood deliverable. And their amazing production capacity has efficiently created surplus inventory in order to accommodate this unforeseen demand! Such forward thinking...BTW how many amateurs showed up at the gran fondo. Thousands? I think HL88 needs a booth at these events, and they could sell their products first hand, cut out the middle man.