Electronic Shifting from HL88

By now we have all heard about the feverish research and development surrounding electronic shifting. Some of the biggest bicycle component makers have introduced electronic shifting which is now being used in the professional peleton. Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has committed funds to the development of its own "after market" electronic shifting cunningly called "Super Heavenly Integrated Timeless Shifting" or the SHITS for short. The benefit of the SHITS system is that it will be compatable with any brand name shifting system on the market today.
Made from genuine Obscurium, the rheostatic dial housing easily attaches to the SMEVEC 88T or directly to the bars of any bike. The proven durability and weight of Obscurium make it the best choice to house the patented dialling switch system from HL88. The rider will be able to dial in any gear ratio with the Obscurium dial switch.
Eventually the Obscurium Rheostatic Dial (ORD) will interface with a turbine motor to automatically change the front and back derailleurs. The turbine is currently under development. Many power options are being considered including solar, nuclear and wind power. Just consider your shifting being powered by the SMEVEC 88T's anemometer/speedometer. There is no greener power alternative possible!

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