Cosmodrome communications

The following is an excerpt from radio communications between Team Vitesse members. It was intercepted using Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory's Mister "Marvellous" Mike 8 way radio. As you can appreciate professionalism is the ultimate goal with the Team.

k2nees availability starts at 1730....please advise if it worth
pushing launch time
t minus...and counting

H20 has been cleared by control tower for launch on friday @ 1830
hours. Launch site tba. Possible team car action to colchester launch
area. Please confirm availability and suggested launch sites. h20

Lampo bianco has also confirmed his availability for a friday launch.
The launch window has now been extended pending verbal confirmation from LB. 1730 is about as early as H20 can begin launch sequencing initiation.

LB: 17 hours 30 minutes confirmed for go sequence. Awaiting orders from central team command regarding muster point and mission orders.

H20: Johan desires that the team work the roads beginning at colchester
launch site. The green team car is available for transport to launch
site. Depending on LB's availability, murano rover module could meet
the green lunar rover at chadwick launch site or at colchester
cosmodrome. Green rover will carry h20 and k2 to cosmodrome in any
case. Awaiting advisory notification for 1730 launch initiative.

k2nees confirmed for deployment.
h20, please advise on pick up time and location for access to green lunar rover.
are cosmonauts allowed to be giddy like school girls or does father lenin look down on that type of behaviour?.....because boy am i looking forward to this

Cosmonauts should display a serene exterior while phreaking out
inside. A Johan maxim

LB: Have the logistics been engineered to accommodate all needed equipment if the green lunar rover is used to transport 3 cosmonauts to the deployment location? If so then we will save team cosmonaut funds by leaving the Murano interplanetary space shuttle at the Chadwick testing grounds at 1730 hours.

H20: Indeed 3 cosmonauts can fit into the green lunar module. Cosmodrome outfitting can be completed in the spacious cosmodrome changing area. Johan will appreciate the saving of interplanetary fuel if all 3 cosmonauts are within one unit.

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