Better Performance thanks to Super Absorbent Rain Cape

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory, in conjunction with Team Vitesse, has unveiled the preliminary sketch of the "hydrophyllic" Super Absorbent Rain Cape. A variation of the ever popular Super Absorbent Rain Cape, this improved product is the direct result of Team Vitesse feedback. Team members asked "wouldn't we go faster if the rain cape absorbed more rain?". Happy Lucky 88's R&D department immediately set to work to increase the absorption quotient and produce a thermodynamically favourable plywood.

Now available in time for the rainy season, the Super Absorbent Rain Cape comes in one exciting colour. Order the SMEVEC 8 and receive part of a rain cape with every SMEVEC ordered!

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Anonymous said...

Night train points out that the Super Absorbent Rain Cape can be used as a rabbit hutch. Only European rabbits require hutches.