Rumour of Sponsor Deal holds currency!

Ever since the October announcement that Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory would be the primary sponsor of Team Vitesse, other potential sponsors have expressed keen interest. Team Vitesse's standards of transparency in pre-race cockle testing make it a leader amongst professional teams. Couple this with the incredible product weaponry developed by Happy Lucky 88, and many podium appearances can be expected by the Team. No doubt the future success of Team Vitesse will provide an excellent ripe environment for exposure.

The breakaway republic of Terscheling off the northern Friesian coast of the Netherlands is currently courting Team Vitesse management for such exposure. It is unclear what, if anything, the republic of Terscheling has to offer.

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Anonymous said...

Dear H20,

While it hasn't escaped my attention that in light of recent scandalous events traditional sponsors representing products as varied as cars, floor sealant, "vitamins", brothels and telecommunications have shied away from continued support of our beautiful support, nontraditional support seems to have arrived in the form of nationalistic endeavors typically supported by eccentric business men who made their millions in "banking" and alcoholic beverages. I believe that this is the future of cycling and as such it behooves Team Vitesse to address such support. While I think Terschelling hold great potential, I am concerned how their peoples malicious and hostile behaviour (particularly following a number of Amstels and raw herring) will reflect on the clean image of Team Vitesse. The team has just announced its cockle testing procedures and has become a leader in the cycling world with the additon of Happy Lucky 88 support. That is a lot to risk for the sake of some unintelligible low brow not-even-dutchmen. I don't believe malicious and hostile are word we want associated with Team Vitesse. So unless the Terschelling sponsors are willing to clean up their collective acts it may be better for Team Vitesse to look for a more BENIGN (thats a word worthy of association with Team Vitesse) break away republic to fund our cycling endeavors. May I suggest South Ossetia?

Yours in eager anticipation of additional sponsors,