Team Vitesse Status Upgrade

HL88 Manufactory, at the insistence of Johan, has granted permission to upgrade George the dog (a.k.a. Georgie Boy, Poopsie, George the dachshund, Asshole George) from beloved mascot to George, ESA.  
In his new role as Emotional Support Animal (ESA) for Team Vitesse, George will be responsible for the emotional stability, balanced sense maintenance, moment to moment living and deep abiding love of food which are natural requirements of all cycling team members.  As a certified ESA, George will ride in the team car and be allowed to bark instructions and motivational messages at the peloton.  ESAs are given first class privileges on all aeroplane flights and is welcome to enjoy the same treatment as his team in most eating establishments. 
The idea of ESA came from bowtiebob and was sponsored by Lampo who admitted "as soon as the cheque cleared, George was certified as an ESA. That was pretty much the only qualification to achieve the vaunted status of Emotional Support Animal."

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