Old is New again

Fresh out of rehab and feeling frisky, Johan, pictured above, is ready to take over the reins of Team Vitesse management (proudly sponsored by HL88 Manufactory).  Other sponsors would have long forsaken Johan's flamboyant style and criminal record but Vitesse riders seem respond to Johan's managerial magic.  "Sure he can be shrill at times but he knows how to motivate me to go spelunking deep in the pain cave" revealed Dr. K2 recently.  Lampo concurred sighing "Johan has allowed me to design my own training regime. I used to train incessantly but now I prepare for a stage race the night before".  bowtie-bob, formerly known as h2o in these pages perhaps put it best when he said "Johan has excellent access to ******** which I can ingest or inject directly into my ****** to deliver results without the need for long training hours in the saddle".

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