Prime Threat to Manufactory

It has come to the attention of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory that "88" is NOT a prime number. For those readers not familiar with the importance of primes, please allow cycling cosmonaut to enlighten you. 

The crucial importance of prime numbers to mathematics and humankind in general, stems from the fundamental theorem of arithmetic, which states that every integer larger than 1 can be written as a product of one or more primes in a way that is unique except for the order of the prime factors. Primes can thus be considered the “basic building blocks” of natural numbers. The concept of prime number is so important that it has been generalized. Generally, "prime" indicates minimality or indecomposability, in an appropriate sense. 

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory is considering its options in light of this prime information. The number 88 was chosen because PLYWOODIUM is the 88th atomic number on the periodic table. All HL88 products are made from this material.  HL88 management believes it may be possible to change the atomic weight of PLYWOODIUM to 83, which is a prime. 

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Anonymous said...

While primes are a crucial component of proper plywoodium branding one should not discount the importance of luck. With 8 being lucky, and 88 doubly so, the esteemed Team Vitesse and its benevolent sponsor Happy Lucky Manufactory must be sure their "primeness" and "luckfulness" balance in an acceptable manner. Given the current state of Team Vitesse fitness luck may be the only thing going for them. My suggestion. Keep the lucky 88 but turn up the whining during early season training rides to 11 (a prime of course).