WORC Dispatches

Recently, Lampo Bianco set off from the Western Oceanographic Riding Cosmodrome on a training ride.He chose a cross bike as his weapon to tackle some unpaved sections of the area on Vancouver Island. His inner Johan was searching for an epic ride.  At first he was not challenged by the road and soon despaired of his route choice.

 Suddenly the road deteriorated and Lampo's inner Johan was awakened. It soon became evident that Lampo's 15 minutes round trip training ride was sure to be the fabric of legend.

Lampo's inner Johan awakened


bowtie bob said...

I was impressed by the visuals accompanying this posting.
How did you manage to spread baby shit all over the route?
And who would have thought that simple baby shit could awaken one's inner Johann….

Keep up the good work.

An admirer.

Anonymous said...

Said "baby shit" only increased in volume as the ride continued; from tree to tree across the road and repeatedly, such that walking through the bush was a regular adaptation. The rocks seemed to grow and unridable, heavy gravel increased. "Who phucking cares what Johan would do!" or "choke on your martini olive, J-whore!" was randomly belched toward unsuspecting flora. No photos were taken: survival mode.