Long time no post

I can't believe that 2 months have passed since I last blessed the internet with some inane posting.  It has been a busy couple of months what with swimming the English channel, running the Boston marathon twice (because I left my wallet at the start), and riding the Whistler Gran Fondo.

LB signs in.

h2o considers copyright violation proceedings

I was joined on the Fondo by Lampo Bianco of the Western Oceanographic Research Cosmodrome. I was surprised to find that there is a bit of an elevation difference from Vancouver to Whistler. Lampo was good enough to wait for me on all the uphills although I did pace him to the foot of the timed uphill sprint. It was a hot day in the saddle. I bonked about half way there but after filling myself with Lance approved all natural sugar snacks and go juice, I pulled myself together to finish strongly in the top third of the field of 6,000.

Next year the goal is the Axel Merckx Fondo and riding a century (160 kms) around the Penticton area. The Gran Fondo is as close as humans can get to riding a bicycle on the sun. Bring it on.

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