A Barry Hamlin Backgrounder

A veritable farrago of questions has arisen since the announcement that Barry Hamlin is designing equipment for HL88 Manufactory. cycling cosmonaut thought it prudent to answer some of the questions sent in by you the readers: Who the hell is Barry Hamlin? Mr. Hamlin is quiet self effacing man of modest means. He is a star of stage and screen and is a tireless fighter for cricket rights, ably defending them from avian attack. He lives with his mother in a small town near the HL88 Manufactory. What has Barry Hamlin designed of importance? Barry Hamlin imagined and then proceeded to construct the barn clearing device shown below. He was also instrumental in the invention of the cutting board.
Are Johan and Barry Hamlin related? No. Johan is a Belgian and Barry Hamlin is a Designer. Can Barry Hamlin predict the future of cycling? Yes. Barry Hamlin is a visionary but not a Belgian.

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