End of the Cosmodromic Era

Safely returned from the west coast, h2o took a week off from Johan's tortuous training regime to recuperate in his personal Euphoric Fountain of Youth Booth. "The forest fire smoke was some right Jesus thick", wheezed h2o as he entered his 72 hour stint in the converted bath. PE5GW was next to enjoy the rejuvenating qualities of HL88's timeless design. Some travel notes:
Cold Arm reared its ugly head during the trip back from the west coast. Before she knew it, the insidious Cold Arm had manifested itself on PE5GW's arms. One would not expect such a calamitous event to occur during summer. However, the lunar rover's air conditioner had blown long enough that Cold Arm quickly gained the upper hand and arm. Fortunately a quick thinking h2o redirected the air flow away from the exposed flesh. PE5GW then hung her arms out the window for 250 kilometers to allow the sun's radiant heat reverse the hated Cold Arm. Cycling Cosmonaut is please to report that a full recovery has been effected and that PE5GW is now doubly vigilant against Cold Arm.

While h2o was engaged in the travails of training on the coast with Johan, Lampo Bianco was busy packing up the Western Cosmodrome and enjoying family life with Lampo Madonna and Lampo Bambino. Johan insisted on an "end of an era" training ride last night. Lampo has been using the moving preparation to slim down to his racing weight of 15 years ago. Lampo's predominately black kit enhanced this illusion of a slimmer, leaner racer. Gone with that extra poundage was some of Lampo's explosive power. This made him easy pickings for the heavy drop power of h2o which h2o exhibited ably and often.

With Lampo moving to the west coast to establish a beachhead for Team Vitesse's far western operations, training rides like this will be marginally more difficult. Fortunately, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has stepped up with a new Team Vitesse Travel Trust Fund or TVTTF. In exchange for plywood storage space at LB's western cosmodrome, HL88 will donate $1 from the sale of each Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking. It is generosity like this that we have come to expect from Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory.

Lampo's western cosmodrome will be situated in an area where people have their priorities straight as you can see:
Please join Cycling Cosmonaut is wishing the Lampo Bianco family all the best at their new cosmodramatic location.

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