HL88 Derny Endurance

Now that the Tour is over, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has begun to analyze the mounds of data generated by the SMEVEC 88T and specifically how power output and efficiencies were affected by the Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking. At this point in time, initial findings have found that riders require reintegration to reverse relegation.
Johan has returned to Team Vitesse after his sabotage efforts on Astana and his number 1 priority is to build endurance in Vitesse riders. "88 kilometers is not enough at maximum effort" decried Johan over drinks at the Casino Royale in Monaco. "We need our riders to exert maximum effort for 288 kilometers. They need more derny training!"Immediately, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory set to work developing a modern eco-friendly derny system for exclusive use by Team Vitesse. Johan is reportedly pleased but wonders if the scooter's top speed of 17 kilometers per hour is sufficient for training purposes. He acquiesced when reminded that scooter drivers can avoid the requirements of a driver's license when a scooter's maximum speed is less than 32 kmph. HL 88 is proud of the fact that the electric scooter can go as far as 18 kilometers on a single charge! Obviously the riders are also pleased with that fact. The Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory derny bike has received special nomenclature in honour of its sleek lines and thoughtful design. When ordering please refer to it as "Eco Friendly Obstruction Containment" or EFOC.