Deluge of Potent Energy -- DOPE

Hot on the heels of Happy Lucky 88's exciting announcement of Exhalted Performance Output comes DOPE or Deluge of Potent Energy. If you are concerned that a positive Cockle Test might result from the use of EPO then worry no more! Deluge of Potent Energy drink is an incredibly versatile sports drink with magic properties. It neutralizes the harmful effects of EPO with each swallow. For example, imagine a cyclist has chugged EPO to guarantee a win, but worries about the mandatory testing awaiting him at the conclusion of the stage. By simply sipping DOPE during the last kilometers, any vestiges of EPO are camouflaged by the benign essence of vanilla and lutienized cheetah chips. Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has proven that DOPE will baffle some experts all of the time. DOPE is not only a strong diuretic but actually removes wallpaper with ease and is used in some countries as drilling fluid.

Ask for DOPE, the antidote to EPO.

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