High Altitude Training

A training camp was held on August 18, 19, & 20 in the Skoki valley of Banff National Park. The team included PE5GW (team ornithologist), RM (team geologist), SB (plant identification specialist) and h20 (Hammer of Holland). Johan (the enigmatic Directeur Sportif) thought that some of the Team Vitesse members would benefit from some high altitude training.

Part of the team and character building included hiking up Deception Pass under 30 degree C sun with constant horse fly attacks to all exposed flesh. "Bugger Off" and other insect repellants were shunned to avoid any absorption of DDT into the atheletic temple that is h20's body. The multitude of horse fly welts provided motivation to continue the forced march. Once over the pass, the downhill pounding on the knees made for an extremely painful descent. h20's knees were not used to walking in the high mountains on uneven surfaces with a pace dictated by aerial insect attacks.

Arrival at the lodge was a welcome reprieve from the day's exertions. The staff had created a small pool for bathing in the creek that runs past the trekker's cabin. h2o took advantage of this feature to cool off in the freezing stream. After above average shrinkage, h20 emerged to begin drying off. Unfortunately, h20's hat had been dropped over the entrance to a wasp's nest. Those unhappy residents attacked h20's head, scoring 4 direct hits. A fast adrenalin retreat by h20 saved him from further damage. Johan's character building ideals were completely fulfilled by the day's barrage of insect attacks.
Thus ended day one of Team Vitesse's high altitude training camp.

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