Storm buffets K2nees

What follows is a harrowing cycling experience authored by K2nees:
I ventured out during the brief sunny period this past evening hoping to refine my skills and avoid any further nature break escapes. Under sunny optimistic skies I set out for the now fabled "tour de dump". After weeks of training, I tapped out an infernal rhythm for myself according to the on board SMEVEC 88T.
As I headed out of town the skies grew darker punctuated by lightening flashes. Well shy of the half way turn around point, the first rain drops were felt through my plycra and the decision was made to abort the launch. Shortly thereafter the heavens unleashed their fury and hail-like drops of rain lashed the route. I quickly installed the Super Absorbent Rain Cape as instructed by Johan over race radio. My infernal tapping then led me back into the moving weather cell. As the absorption coefficient of my HL88 plywood products reached their highest saturation levels, I knew that the time had come to go hard. I time trialed my way back into the city using all the technology Happy Lucky 88 had to offer. The sun broke through leaving me to contemplate important questions like "Is titanium a lightning conductor (answer: probably)" and "Do these soaked Sidi shoes make my butt look fat? (answer: probably)".
After the one hour ride from hell a lesson had been learned. "if it looks like rain stay home on the couch and let the titanium bicycles glow in the corner." I beleive it was a good measure of my increasing fitness for cyclo-cross season and an excellent test of HL88 products.

One lingering question remains..."Does Team Vitesse have a team meteorologist or at the very least a team metallurgist?"
Editor's note: Indeed Team Vitesse does have a metallugist. It is PE5GW who doubles as team ornithologist.

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