Stem Research

Has anyone besides Lampo Bianco and h20 of Team Vitesse had difficulty with bike fit this racing season? It seems that after a winter of discontent and riding the rollers, none of the weapons in h20's arsenal fit properly this summer. h20 has been blackballed by butt pain and digit disturbances. Changing stems, handle bars, saddles, adjusting seat height, and general whining have been the order of the day. He is still not completely satisfied with the changes effected. h20 now searches for physiological or pharmacological reasons for the sudden riding discomfort. It is difficult to imagine that his incredible wing span increased over the last 6 months (although he did carry a lot of boxes during the move to the western cosmodrome). In Lampo's case, a change of saddle has caused endless delays as the peloton waits for him to make minuscule adjustments measurable only with a micrometer. This year his old saddle began causing anguish and agony in the area.
More Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory research into stem length is required. Remember to keep all packaging in case the items need to be returned.